South Bay Quarry Library

This website is not, in any way, affiliated with any other public 'Library'.

The site is provided as a public service as a central repository of documents that are relevant to the Lehigh Hanson Permanente Quarry.

Document access is unrestricted; documents may be viewed or downloaded or links may be followed to other sites that may also contain relevant information. Listed documents have been assembled from a variety of sources and no responsibility is assumed for their content which remains solely that of the originating authors or bodies.

The Documents are presented as a list where each entry is a link to a described item. Clicking on any link will cause that document to be opened on your computer.

Note: A potential bug has been observed when using earlier versions of the Fire Fox browser: While the home page can be seen, the library listing apparently cannot. If you encounter this behavior, users are advised to update their current version or use Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari browsers when accessing the library catalog listing.

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